Vina Reboreda
Spain, Monterrei

Vi ñ a Reboreda vineyard estate comprises 40 hectares on the Mi ñ o River west of the ancient Roman mining center of Orense. Soils vary from alluvial and stony near the river Vi ñ a Reboreda on the slopes of the Mi ñ o River to outcroppings of slate, granite and chalk on the higher west-facing slopes. Varieties planted include Treixadura, plus Torront é s, Loureiro, Godello and Menc í a.


Refreshing and fragrant in style, Vi ñ a Reboreda remains relatively soft in acidity compared with other Galician wines, allowing for a more completely dry finish. 


Founded in 1940, Finca Reboreda is the largest private wine firm in D.O. Ribeiro. Jos é Luis M é ndez and his daughter Ana head one of the most progressive and stable wine firms in Galicia. 


Vina Reboreda’s agent is Classical Wines of Spain, whom we proudly represent.


(Thanks to Classical for the winery description.)