Italy, Lombardia
Green Status: Sustainable

Bellavista produces Italy's finest sparkling wines from its 190 hectares of vineyard situated in the western part of the Franciacorta zone in a natural amphitheatre.The glacial soil is full of stones, and provides the ideal environment for the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes used in the production of their Franciacorta.

The property was founded in the 1970s when Vittorio Moretti (current president of the Franciacorta cosortium) bought the hill called 'Bellavista', because of its stunning view. His grandfather had farmed in Franciacorta, where Moretti was born, and after making his money in construction he returned to buy this superb site. His first vintage in 1979 was made with the idea of having his own wine to drink with friends. In 1981,however, he met a young winemaker called Mattia Vezzola, who at the time was selling winery equipment.

Vezzola impressed Moretti with his passion and knowledge, while Vezzola was assured that Moretti was interested only in quality.From this meeting was born the partnership that has transformed Bellavista into Italy's leading producer of quality sparkling wine. They start in the vineyard, where intervention is minimal and the approach is sustainable (lotta integrata).