Spain, Rioja

The Monta ñ a family and Classical Wines forged a partnership working in concert in an effort to re-launch a once-successful Rioja brand. It soon became apparent that the relationship merited a name and image that more clearly reflected the legacy of product and source. Monta ñ a d é buted in September 2015 with 2014 Tinto (100% Tempranillo) and the excellent 2012 Crianza and 2011 Reserva vintages. Familia Monta ñ a will be reserved as a brand for top bottlings from single sites and exceptional vintages. The commercial reintroduction of the Monta ñ a family name represents a new path forward for this historic vineyard estate.


The Monta ñ a family traces its heritage to the origins of the modern Rioja wine industry in the late 19th century. Rom á n Monta ñ a consolidated the family business in 1920 as the viticultural component of one of Rioja s grand old marques, situated in medieval cellars underneath Haro, capital of Rioja Alta. The Monta ñ a family retains portions of these impressive cellars to this day. Rom án’ s grandson Oscar Monta ñ a currently directs a vineyard estate comprising over 270 acres of prime sites in the Rioja Alta and Alavesa districts. The Monta ñ a vineyards boast a high average vine age, many vines dating to the immediate post-phylloxera period.


(Thanks to Classical for the winery description.)


Current Inventory
Montana Crianza 2016
Montana Reserva 2014