El Vinculo
Spain, La Mancha

Growing up making wine with his father, Alejandro Fernández always dreamt of owning his own winery. In 1972, he realized his dream with a 16th century stone bodega in the town of Pesquera, where he began producing 100% Tempranillo wines. Alejandro’s dream has grown into four bodegas, each producing exceptional expressions of Tempranillo with the respect for tradition and the land that he learned from his family.

EL VINCULO, D.O. La Mancha    

Near the iconic Campo de Criptana windmills, the ancient head-trained vines of El Vínculo are shaped by the extreme climate of La Mancha, subjected to extreme winter cold and blistering summer heat. The intense conditions of Spain’s central plateau and Alejandro’s winemaking tradition combine to create landmark limited-production wines. They are dark and concentrated, with aromas of spice, cocoa, and fine tannins.