France, Southwest
Green Status: Sustainable

Chateau Gautoul is a twentyhectare estate in the heart of the Cahors region. The origins of the estate date back to the 17th century.   The chateau was restored in 1992 by its then owner, Alain Sendrens, chef of legendary Paris restaurant, Lucas Carton.   Sendrens’ vintages brought Gautoul international acclaim. The property was purchased by Eric Swenden in 1998. The chateau is a magnificent 18th century chartreuse in perfect condition to this day. It has a commanding view of the village of Puy l’Eveque and the Lot River valley.  

The vineyard is planted to 80% Malbec, 16% Merlot and 4% Tannat. It faces due south and is cultivated according to the principle of sustainability, known in French as culture raisonnée. The variety of 5 distinct soil types helps give Chateau Gautoul its unique character and ensures the perfect maturity of the fruit. Vineyard work is done throughout the year to ensure the highest quality wine. Strict pruning after harvest, green harvesting and leaf stripping are all carried out as conditions warrant, to get the most out of each parcel and varietal. The goal is to attain concentration and complexity in the vineyard, and not through vinification and aging.

Current Inventory
Gautoul Cahors 2012